Our Work


SIAST came to us with two objectives: Attract potential students and defend its nursing education turf. So we went all out and instigate a full-on media blitz. We utilized a variety of venues ranging from the traditional (newspaper, billboards, etc.) to the less conventional (postcards, door knockers, Facebook and thumbs-upsiastnursing.com).

By choosing a baby giving the “thumbs up” we emphasized the fragility of life without dwelling on the negative aspect of sickness. And we focused on one of the most positive and rewarding aspects of nursing.

The tagline “Educating nurses for those who matter most” punched in the message that SIAST grads become outstanding and trustworthy nurses.

This combination of great creative and efficient strategy resulted in SIAST celebrating a 7% increase in enrollment in Saskatoon and an unprecedented 40% enrollment increase in Regina.

“Advertising is the 'wonder' in Wonder Bread.” Jef I. Richards