Our Work

Civic Museum of Regina

After years being known as the Regina Plains Museum, this long-standing institutions was in need of a major transformation. Nearly forgotten in the old City Hall building, the museum was dangerously flirting with obsolescence. A new director was hired to turn the situation around and TNDG was brought on to create a brand reflective of the museum new mission.
The concept utilizes the city first two letters as a synonym for Regarding. A three colour palette also helps confirm the mandate to focus on the past (golden wheat), present (royal purple) and future (blue sky).
The logo lends itself to creative messages in advertising and display circumstances. “Re” can easily be paired with various endings such as Restored, Recorded, Remembered and more. We took advantage of this with large-scale creative window coverings and inside signage.
The overall end-result is a bold and dynamic brand, truly reflective of the new museum and its mission.

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” Ralph Waldo Emerson